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Negative emotions disappear.

Get rid of negative emotions for good. You can use YESolution® anytime, anywhere and completely independently of anyone else. YESolution® is easy to work with and offers immediate and sustainable results.

Substantiated Knowledge and Experience

YESolution® is based on countless and decades of experience. In the online course, we broke this extensive knowledge down into the essentials you need to start using YESolution® right away. The practical exercises will guide you through the YESolution® process step by step.

What ist YESolution®?

YESolution is a practical, one-of-a-kind tool to sustainably banish negative emotions from your life. It allows you to be your most authentic self and take control of your own actions and reaction.


Try to imagine a person in your life that keeps managing to hurt you with something he or she says. Every time this happens, you get angry, your heart beats a little bit faster, your blood pressure rises, your shoulders tense up and you can't seem to formulate a clear thought anymore.

Remember the last time you encountered his person. Remember the hurtful words they said to you. Observe your body and use YESolution®!

The next time this person says those words to you, your emotions won't get the better of you. Your body will stay relaxed and your mind will be free to react appropriately. The path for a new and improved way of interacting is now paved.

Is YESolution® for me?

To find out, whether YESolution® right for you, check out our free test or try these mindfulness exercises.